Connect via ip to an SQL database within a VB6 app


Here's what I would like to do....

Create a VB6 app.
Connect via ip to an SQL database.

Is that possible in VB6?


--- Mike
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DhaestConnect With a Mentor Commented:
   *  Connect via an IP address:
      "Provider=sqloledb;Data Source=,1433;Network Library=DBMSSOCN;Initial Catalog=pubs;User ID=sa;Password=asdasd;"
To expand on Dhaest answer form

To connect to SQL Server running on a remote computer (via an IP address)

oConn.Open "Provider=sqloledb;" & _
           "Network Library=DBMSSOCN;" & _
           "Data,1433;" & _
           "Initial Catalog=myDatabaseName;" & _
           "User ID=myUsername;" & _
- "Network Library=DBMSSOCN" tells OLE DB to use TCP/IP rather than
   Named Pipes (Q238949)
- is an IP address
- 1433 is the default port number for SQL Server.  Q269882 and Q287932
- You can also add "Encrypt=yes" for encryption
I just use the same code to connect by name or ip and have found that it works the same.  Try below and let me know if it works.

Add a reference to the Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 2.x Library under Project-->References
Add one Command Button named Command1 (default name)
Add the following code (changing it to match your ip and user properties -- userid -- password-- database name)

Public Sub Command1_Click()
    On Error GoTo err_connection
    Dim conn As New ADODB.Connection
    Dim sconnstring As String
    'For sql Authentication use this (comment out or delete the one you don't use)
    sconnstring = _
            "Provider=SQLOLEDB.1;" & _
            "User ID=MyID;" & _
            "Password=MyPassword;" & _
            "Initial Catalog=MySqlDatabase;" & _
            "Data Source =" 'Put Your IP Here

    'For Windows Authentication use this (comment out or delete the one you don't use)
        sconnstring = _
                "Provider=sqloledb;" & _
                "Data Source=;" & _   'Put Your IP Here
                "Initial Catalog=MySqlDatabase;" & _
                "Integrated Security=SSPI;" & _
                "Connect TimeOut = 1000"
    conn.Open sconnstring
    If conn.State = adStateOpen Then
            Msgbox "I opened my database with an IP Address", vbInformation
    End IF
    Exit Sub
    MsgBox Err.Description, vbInformation
End Sub

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