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General VB application question

Hi Experts,

I have a general question regarding VB application and it may be silly but wanted to make sure with you experts.
If I have a very simple application which has been written in Visual basic and  works with access database.if I install (my VB application and my .mdb file) on a user's computer (which doesn't have Microsoft Access installed) does my VB application works with no problems.?

Really appreciate your comments.

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Carl TawnSystems and Integration DeveloperCommented:
As long as the ODBC drivers are installed then yes.  Your app will be able to use the database, the user just won't be able to open the DB directly and tinker with it.

Hope this helps.

use vb Package and deployment wizard to package & deploy your application.

** Donot forget to add yourdatabase.mdb file manually to the file list & set its Install location**

:-)  THis will work ..
carl_tawn is correct. The application will still be able to access the .mdb file. He is correct also in stating that people will not be able to open it directly and use it. He is also correct that the appropriate drivers must be installed.

HERE is one extra little nugget of information.... You can change the file extension to whatever you like!! VB doesn't care what the file extension is.... As long as you declare your new file extension when building your connection string to the database all will be fine. You can change the extension to .aaa or .xxx and ado will be able to work with it.... If you don't want people messin' with your database file, very few people will ever realize what you did. Actually, they wont even know it IS a database file.

hehe yeah, thats the first think i do when i get an app like that. I rename the big files to .mdb and try to open them with access, you would be suprised how often that is done.
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