Exchange 2003 Backups - Backup Exec 10

Hi All,

I'm stuck.

I've just installed Backup Exec 10 on my new exchange 2003 enterprise server.

This is my setup:

1. c:\ Windows Installation Files and Exchange Installation
2. L:\ Drive - Log Files
3. S:\ Drive - 3 Seperate Information Stores

I've got the Exchange Agent installed. If I go into my Job setup: I've selected:
Exchange Server Backup Method (Full DB and Logs) - Fliush committed
Mailbox Backup Method - Backup Messages (reset archived bit)

Now in my file selection, what do I need to select for backups? I also would like to back the individual mailboxes as well?

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Using version 9 of Backup Exec (haven't seen v10 yet), you double-click on the job you want to work on, then select 'Selections' and tick or untick the drives or information stores that you want to backup. If you have the agent installed you should see the Mailbox & Information stores. Hope that helps.
In a typical Veritas 10 install for Exch 2003, I'll tick the Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes, the Public Folders, and the Information Store.

You're basically setting yourself up to restore one mailbox *or* the whole exchange system.  It takes up more tape space, but you've got that rockin' LTO autoloader, right? 8^)

I also have my agent set to Full and Full for the server and mailbox 'methods'.  In version 9, i recall it didn't really flush the committed logs too well, but I haven't had a problem with 10.
I think that backing up each mailbox is over kill now adays due to the added functionality of the Recovery Storage Group. If you run a full backup and backup each mailbox you taking up a lot of space.
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agreed, if you're running recovery groups then mailboxes might be overkill.  but i still think if you have the capacity in the tape library and the time to run the job, then you should still run it.  better safe than sorry.
stevengreenAuthor Commented:
Guys thanks for all the input. Please if you have any mopre tips tricks let me know.

going to test and will get back to you all today

hey where our points
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