Word wrap in Delphi 7 implementation of TTreeview

Is it at all possible to wrap the node text in the standard TTreeview packaged with Delphi 7? If not is there any alternative solution that is perferably free :P
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Eddie ShipmanAll-around developerCommented:
hmm, i would guess, it should be possible, if you draw the tree byself (ownerdraw-property, ondrawitem-event,...)

but just a guess

meikl ; -)
scandiumzaAuthor Commented:
I tried looking at the custom drawing events but they dont allow you to change the individual node heights, also it doesnt give a rect which would indicate where the node is being drawn on the treeviews canvas. The only things i've been able to change is the font appearance.

I found Michael's Virtual Treeview which is fantastic but is a bit too complex and would require alot of code changes in my project to implement and im pressed for time, its sad because the standard treeview can do everything I need except wrap the text :(
well, currently i have no delphi
(thats why i post just from head in the past)

maybe some other expert has a suggestion,
which fits your need

meikl ;-)
scandiumzaAuthor Commented:
Although it was not 100% percent working code offered it gave me the clues which I required toa achieve the desired results, thanks Eddie :)
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