Need Suggestions for Bulk SMTP Provider

We have a huge database of 10,000 email addresses.
Sending via the company's SMTP server often means that a lot of in-house mails will have to wait until those 10,000 emails go through..

What ideas can anyone give me on how to handle it. I have tried Bulk mail software but it still has to go through our servers and we are back to the same problem. the web host does not allow SMTP from their servers (we have to use our ISP)

Are there not Providers that would all high volume email traffic without the risk of been blacklisted, these emails will carry pdf newsletters.

A holistic solution is needed.

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humeniukConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can save a lot of headaches & work and you won't have to worry about getting blacklisted if you outsource this.  The best option for something like this is
You need to find a friendly person with a not so busy SMTP server willing to do it for you.
Is it spam?
is it a one off process or is it required on a regular basis?
Just get a second server and/or an extra inetline.
It's not to bad if it's a slow line or a slow server seeing it's dedicated. It'll just run whilst your business processes can go on.
Also think about running the mailing proces at night. Les busy in the office at that time I presume.

As for sending PDF's. Sorry to say but that's a terrible idea. It'll create HUGE emails and it'll fill not only your server but the recievers mailbox too. Either link it in your message or send plain text. But that's just my humble opinion.
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bisola_5Author Commented:
It is most definitely not SPAM but some users will definitely object to recieving emails with attachments. they are participants to a seminar organized by the company over the past 6 years. their details are recorded and they usually get an invitation to teh next seminar when it is due in the year. that is about the only time we send it.

We now have a newsletter and some other reports we wish to have them read.
We will provided for the ability to unsubscribe from the email address database.

I guess what i need is a good strategy on how to implement.

1: web host does not allow SMTP through their servers ( - they own
2: ISP's DNS has been blacklisted so many times it is useless sending email through them
3: WHat other options do i have..
could you post a sample of your newsletter and I will tell you if my hosted server can handle that through the assocaited smtp server?
Well basically your ISP as well as your host is useless for your purposes.

How bout switching??
bisola_5Author Commented:
kneH switching will be a massive project..
Our ISP provides a VPN solution and built our WAN, but they cannot do volume email through their SMTP.
Only one departments sends high volume emails.

Will look at vertical response and get back
Have you thought about my offer? My smtp server could handle your newsletter!
With a standard sendmail server, you can "queue" up the messages to be sent out in a slow trickle.    
Hi bisola_5 :-),
Since we haven't heard from you for a couple of days could you please give us an update on the status of this question?
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bisola_5Author Commented:
thanls.. signing up verticalsolutions and forgetting about the problem.

thanks EEys

Thanks for the A, bisola_5.  Good luck with the project.
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