Accessing email when working through 3rd party dial-up?


Can anyone tell me - is it possible to access my emails through Outlook when I am using my laptop and dialling in through a 3rd-party's dial-in facility, such as Pipex?

My company uses Exchange 2000 and we get our emails in the office through Outlook 2003. Is there a way I can get my emails in Outlook when I am working away from the office and dialling in through Pipex?

Thanks a lot
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StuartWhyteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi gjirvine3000,

This is not possible using just exchnage 2000.  Under Exchange 2003 you woul dbe able to use RPC over http.

As an alternative, does you r company use Outlook web access??


gjirvine3000Author Commented:
Yeah they have this. I just wanted to make sure about the outlook thing.

thanks a lot
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