The system file is not suitabel fro running MS-DOS and Microsoft Windos Applications...

Ok this has happened to me before and for the life of me i dont remember how i fixed tt . I remember toiling with it for  several days.  I might have given up and reformatted my HDsk.  I am in the in school and i just dont have the time to mess with this...any imput would be greatly appreciated. I need to install ATM  for my Digital Imaging class and Error: C:\WINNT\System32\AutoExec.nt system file is not suitable for running .......please close or ignore keeps on getting in the way
Oh by the way i have not had problems installing any other windows or dos based apps.
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Sounds like the autoexec.nt or the config.nt are trashed or missing. They should be in the c:\windows\system32   directory. if they are missing there should be a copy of them in the c:\windows\repair directory.
woops.... make that winnt directory not windows....forgot what forum i was in
oh yes now i remember...for some reason ( i tried repair and  and replacing them int o the sys32 directrory and every time  i rebooted for config settings they dissapeared as i recall i was extremely frusterated i  was in the end stretch of particularly demanding quarter
I will try that again this time hopefylly it will work this time
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I knew what you meant
i will get back to you on that later i need to sleep studying all night  seeing crosseyed
If they keep dissapearing I would guess it's spyware. I run into this a few times where after every reboot the autoexec.nt was gone. After I cleaned the system the problem went away.

Heres some links of a few programs I use to clean systems


Http://       CWshredder            download Hijackthis        Log Analizer

Online Virus Scanners                  
I am running spybot and microsoft now.  But i havnt had a chance to attempt the replacement of lthe system files yet.  I'll let you know what happens,

thanx guys
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robsnestAuthor Commented:
I am so sorry I forgot to close this question...I resolved the issue and all else slipped my mind.  Please excuse my addlebrain.
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