Asus P4P800 - Mass Storage USB2 devices not working on front USB ports.

I know this has come up many times before, but I think I've performed all the suggested fixes, and still no lluck.
The back four ports work fine with everything.  The front two ports I added and wired to headers 5 & 6 work for some things - Olympus camera, palm pilot, so I think it's wired OK.  But they don't work for the SanDisk Cruzer mini series.  I get various messages, ususally that XP doesn't recognize the new hardware.  The Device Manager shows Unknown Device (But does show an Intel 82801EB USB2 Enhanced Controller - 24DD).
The Bios has been updated to v.10149.  The Bios is set up properly, and sees the SanDisk USB storage, but Windows doesn't.  I've reformatted, installed XP and all updates, installed the latest Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility in that order. I have not mapped any drives.  SanDisk does not provide an XP driver, saying that it is on SP-1 (now SP-2), so I can't update the driver.  Any suggestions appreciated, and I'll be sure to respond as to results.
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Start --> Run --> cmd
set DEVMGR_SHOW_DETAILS=1 --> enter
start devmgmt.msc --> enter
Click View --> Show hidden devices --> click the + next to devices --> Unknown devices --> USB devices
Uninstall all devices and unknown devices by right clicking --> uninstall
Start --> Run --> cmd
cd \windows\inf --> Enter
ren infcache.1 *.old --> Enter
ren oem*.inf *.old --> Enter
del C:\windows\setupapi.log --> Enter
close the cmd window
Start --> Run --> rgedit
Left click My computer
File --> Export (Export it to the root of C: as BeforeUSBchanges)
Delete all the VID_.... entries for usb devices YOU DON'T HAVE
Stick in the Sandisk
"Start --> Run --> rgedit "
should read Start --> Run --> regedit

Two-finger typist >:(
LeeTroxelAuthor Commented:
Hi...Thanks for the super prompt reply.  I have tried the above twice with no luck.  I have numbered your above command lines 1 thru 20 (5 & 6 are the same command), with the following comments.  Each try I start by copying my Ghosted partition conaining only XP updated onto my boot partition, so I start fresh each time.
4. At this point, the Device Mgr shows 4 Other Devices (none USB - they are my video editing cards, which are present in the computer but not installed), and 4 USB Host Controllers, 1 USB Enhanced Host Controller, 5 USB Root Hubs
5. There now is and Unknown Device (Icone shaded) but no "+" in front
7. Uninstalled all devices including several Mass Storage Devices that came up under Step 5.
11. I think "ren oem*.inf*.old" shud be "ren oem*.inf *.old" (space between the inf & *)
18. First time I tried, there were several VID's, and the computer wouldn't let me delete them - I tried digging down to the first file, and still couldn't delete.
2nd time there were no VID's present when I got to this step.  I cold re-booted,  and the Device Mgr showed 5 USB Controllers with ?! under Other Devices (along with my video controllers).  After inserting SanDisk, all USB Controllers were moved from Other Devices to the USB Controllers item under Device Mgr, and an "Unknown Device" was added.  The balloon message came up in my Task Bar saying that there was an unrecognized device. I stopped there - was tempted to try an auto update on the Unknown Driver, but this has never worked in the past.  SanDisk does not supply a driver for XP, saying it's in SP1, but is it possible if we could find the driver we could update that way?
Since I have no problem with my other computers, this must be peculiar to the Asus P4P800........OR....Could my header wiring be wrong even though the 1.1 stuff works??
I don't know whether you ever handle problems by phone, but I'd be glad to call.
This is definitely a 500 pointer!
Thanks again!  Lee
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Hello.  You are close; I numbered the steps so that we are on the same page.  I can't assist via phone--partially because the answer should be recorded here for others.
You might have a registry rights issue, which is why you can't delete the VIDs:
1. Right-click VID key --> Permissions
2. Give Everyone Full Control
3. OK

If you don't have the right to delete, re-boot; you really should not have to, though.
As far as using the auto update, go ahead.

1. Start --> Run --> cmd
2. set DEVMGR_SHOW_DETAILS=1 --> enter
4. start devmgmt.msc --> enter
5. Click View --> Show hidden devices --> click the + next to devices --> Unknown devices --> USB devices
6. Uninstall all devices and unknown devices by right clicking --> uninstall
7. Start --> Run --> cmd
8. cd \windows\inf --> Enter
9. ren infcache.1 *.old --> Enter
10. ren oem*.inf *.old --> Enter
11. del C:\windows\setupapi.log --> Enter
12. close the cmd window
13. Start --> Run --> rgedit
14. Left click My computer
15. File --> Export (Export it to the root of C: as BeforeUSBchanges)
16. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Enum\USB
17. Delete all the VID_.... entries for usb devices YOU DON'T HAVE
18. Reboot
Stick in the Sandisk
LeeTroxelAuthor Commented:
That did it!   Thanks again....I'm impressed with your service.

Glad I could help.
Wouldn't this be the same procedure for other unrecognized USB devices?
Hi.  Yes, the procedure should be the same, but, whoa, I hope you don't have to repeat the task often.
The author attempted to accept my answer:

"That did it!   Thanks again....I'm impressed with your service.
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