alcatel speedtouch pro router - how to open/redirect a port for every PC (not only to one PC)?

Hi, a friend of mine has this ADSL router: alcatel speedtouch pro

he would like to open a port, in example 4662 and 4672 (ports used by eMule) but if he uses NAT, he has to specify to which computer the port should redirect.

He has 3 PCs and he would like to open one time these 2 ports and simply make them work for every PC, instead of using a different port for each PC, and open 6 ports in total (redirect them to the specific PC).

Is it possible to do this? I was just curious.

I have a Zyxel Prestige 650R-11 and I have no idea how to do this on my router, I think it's not possible.

I don't want to let the router act like a "USB router" that has all ports opened by default, I'd jsut like to open port 4662 and 4672 in order tha every PC could use eMule without problems.

Thanks for letting me know.
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I don't think it's possible on a Small Office Home Office (SOHO) type equipment.  What you're asking for is to open those ports for your whole network - which is what firewallls and professional grade routers can do easily.  However, all the SOHO gear I've seen does exactly what you mention - forward ports to explicit IP addresses.
If he uses NAT, the only way the outside can specify which internal PC it wants is by using a port number which corresponds to either:

a.  A session opened from one of the internal PCs, or

b.  A forward to a specific PC.

Otherwise, you're asking the router to omnisciently guess which PC is the intended target, and it can't do that.

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