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Hello all,

I have a user with a blackberry. The costs of the blackberry server is $2500. For one user I am not willing to buy one. So instead we use a account with the service provider,and forward his exchange mail to that account.

The problem is the other account has a 10mb limit. Is there any way to set forwarding up to remove any attachments before the email is forwarded?

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Steve RoseConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It is the software that came on the CD with the device. The Desktop Redirector installs on a desktop PC receives the e-mail and forwards it to the Blackberry. Y ou have to leave the Desktop logged on, and create an Outlook profile.

Here is a step by step

You can download the latest version from there web site.
Steve RoseCommented:
I had the same situation. I just setup an old desktop to run the Blackberry desktop redirector software. An old PII400 makes a good Blackberry server for one and it works with the software that comes with the device.

My SMTP gateway will strip all attachments if I so choose.
91mustangAuthor Commented:
Hi  srose6,

Do you have any links or information on how to configure this?
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