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I don't work much with XML and am brand spanking new to java (never took a class, don't have any basics, I have worked with VB for years) and I have been asked to use InfoPath and VS .Net to convert XML files to pdf and doc format.  THus far I have figured out that I need to use XslTransform, but that is as far as I can figure.  Can anyone help me out with a code sample in javaScript to illustrate how this is done.  I woulod greatly appreciate it.  Thanks.
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BobSiemensConnect With a Mentor Commented:
<<<for at leas tthe doc file????>>>


You need to look at what output types are generated by what XSLT engines.

Here's MSXSL:
  method = "xml" | "html" | "text" | QName
  version = nmtoken
  encoding = string
  omit-xml-declaration = "yes" | "no"
  standalone = "yes" | "no"
  doctype-public = string
  doctype-system = string
  cdata-section-elements = QNames
  indent = "yes" | "no"
  media-type = string

Here's Apache's FOP:

Render XSL:FO with Apache FOP rendering engine

      <type>pdf</type>              <!--     <type> contains one of pdf, svg, pcl, awt, print, text, ps, mif, xml    -->

DOC won't work but you can import HTML into a DOC file.

For a pdf file, you need to find the right transform engine.
If you're using Java then you can use POI from jakarta to convert xml to things like Word and Excel files. You can create pdf's by using XSL-FO which is the standard way in XML.

here's a good general link
WonderflubAuthor Commented:
I was asked ot use the built in functionality of VS .Net and office 2k3.  There isn't a simple way to do this using built in code?
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WonderflubAuthor Commented:
ok, how about a point in the right direction.  In my research I have found people say that I can't use xslTransform and I have to use msxml.  Is this true, should I be walking down this path instead.  This is all a lot for me to learn in a short amount of time and I htink my head is spinning, can anyone make it stop :-).

Seriously though, any help?
WonderflubAuthor Commented:
WHat about this.....  would this work

var objDial = Server.CreateObject('Stonebroom.XSLTransform');
var strStatus;                            // to hold the status message
var strXMLFile = '/data/xml/myfile.xml';  // the XML source file
var strXSLFile = '/data/xsl/myfile.xsl';  // the XSL style sheet file
var strOutFile = '/results/myfile.doc';  // path and name for the resulting disk file
blnWorked = objTransform.TransformXML(strXMLFile, strXSLFile, strOutFile, strStatus);

for at leas tthe doc file????
WonderflubAuthor Commented:
ok, so I HAVE to use FOP, I will have to try to figure out how to do that.

They have asked me to just create a generic transform engine that will automate the process, so I am no longer looking at one singular file, but many.  If the script language is JScript for the infopath forms, do I have to use Java, or can I create a transform engine in VB?
WonderflubAuthor Commented:
ok, I am going to start a new question, since I am now asking more than one thing and diverting to a different direction.
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