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My web server is a debian linux machine, and I edit web pages on a windows machine.
When I upload, i get the ^m thing at the end of everyline when viewed with a linux text editor.
I know that uploading with ascii mode will stop this and do the conversion for me. But I use webdrive and edit my page right on the server. It doesn't seem to want to allow ascii mode when doing it this way. But i do not want to go back to the old fashioned, edit on you local machine, then upload, thing.
Can anyone tell me, do the ^M characters at the end of each line, only visible in a linux text editor, really matter at all as far as search engines are concerned? Or are there any other problems this may cause?
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ahoffmannConnect With a Mentor Commented:
> .. cannot see them when editing in my windows app ..
stupid app ;-)

as long as these are only html pages and not any programs affected (in particular CGI-BIN files), there should not be a difference
the additional useless byte per line also should not cause big problems
depends on your editor
in vi you do

where ^M is ctrl-V followed by return

or you have some tools to do that, like dos2unix, or you can use tr like:

  tr -d '\013' <infile>outfile
TuscolaCountyAuthor Commented:
I do not quite understand what you are saying here ahoffmann
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I gave an answer to:
> Can anyone tell me, do the ^M characters at the end of each line, only visible in a linux text editor
TuscolaCountyAuthor Commented:
I am not trying to view the characters in another (windows based) text editor.
I was just wondering if they make any impact at all as far as search engine spiders go.
Since I cannot see them when editing in my windows app, I do not know when they are being added. They don't affect the performance of the site at all, so I didn't think they would impact any other aspect of the site.
TuscolaCountyAuthor Commented:
It's not the windows app fault. No windows based app I have come across will show these.
But ok, it's been a while since i posted this and no problems have come of it, so i will close the question. Thanks for the answers.
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