Print to a printer on the domain, when i am not on the domain...

I have a domain set up with a network set up. There is a print server on this ip scheme. I have a person that comes in with a laptop and connects wireless to a router with a ip scheme, that want to print to the printer with the ip address. How should i go about doing this?

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Acctualy you have to deal with 2 aspects to solve this problem.
DominionTech had mentioned the first one the first one is that you need eithera router to route between the network and
To solve the first problem you have three options :
1)      buy a router and route between the two subnets
And off course it's not reasonable to buy a router to just route between you laptop and the network (unless you want to get rid of couple of hundred dollars)

2)      Change all of your network subnet schema to just meet with your laptop !! ( no comments here).

3)      Use the advance options on your local network connection to add another ip address to your laptop. So you could gain access to both your office network and home network...

The second problem is how to print from a workgroup computer using a domain computer …and you can solve this by :

1)      if you are using  a network based printer (RJ45 port on printer) If it is a network printer then you may be able to just install the drivers and configure the laptop to print to it, by using add network printer wizared.
2)      If you are sharing this printer from a pc that is a part of the domain you can use this batch :
NET USE \\PC\hpdeskjet password /User:Domain\Username /PERSISTENT: YES
NET USE \\PC\hpdeskjet /User:Domain\Username /PERSISTENT: YES password
Drag and drop the .bat file to Start--> All Programs-->Startup ..
And u should be good…

You can't as far as I know.  You need to get the wireless router on the same network.  Maybe  Private IP addressing is not routable.
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