Folder redirection on a server that is not part of the active directory

can this be done?

I have a terminal server that i need to keep in the old nt4 domain for app legacy reasons,

is it possible that a user connecting to this server but logging on to the active directory can get redirected folder?

i can log on etc

but the policy that deals with redirected folders is only applied to an OU with the terminal servers in the new domain,

I cant add the redirection to any other OU as that would affect the users regardless of what server they logged on to.
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johnhellConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Folder Redirection is not supported on NT4.

You might try the following :
a) Create a two-way trust relationship between the NT4 and AD domains.
b) In the AD set a path for user profiles and use roaming profiles (launch MSA.DSC)
c)Login onto the NT4 domain with an AD account.

Hope this helps...
mhamerAuthor Commented:
sorry  windows 2000 servers in an nt4 domain  (in process of going to just 2003)

does that make a differnce?

I'm not sure I've fully understood : the Terminal Server is a Windows 2000 member Server in an NT4 domain ?
If this is the case what I've said earlier is still valid.
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