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What difference are there in PHP 5 compared with PHP 4?.  The reason I am asking is that the host for my website has upgraded to PHP 5 and some of the PHP stuff I downloaded only works in PHP 4.

Is it a major task to change something to work in PHP 5?  (As it is a free, the company is unlikely to make the changes, at least at the moment, to get this to work).

Sorry about being a bit vague.

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Diablo84Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The manual at the official PHP website answers your question for the best part...

Migrating from PHP 4 to PHP 5 ::
Backward Incompatible Changes ::

The latter link specifying some of the things you should pay close attention to.

The biggest change between PHP4 and PHP5 is that the handling of objects (OOP - Object Oriented Programming) was completely rewritten making big big improvements.

>> Is it a major task to change something to work in PHP 5?

No. That is to say, if your code is well written in the first place it should generally work fine on both versions.
ExpressionsAuthor Commented:
I haven't forgotten about this, I just haven't had a huge amount of time to deal with it. Sorry!!!
No problem, Expressions. thank you for dropping by to let me know.

ExpressionsAuthor Commented:
Sorry for being so long at answering this.

The link was useful, but the code I was looking at needed so much work it just wasnt worth bothering with.

Thanks for your help.
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