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I have an exchange 2003 and we use Outlook 2003 for email.  as we know ther is a 16GB limit on the server.  SO, what I am loking for is an easy way to archive email, But I also want an easy way to restore and possibly look throught the email to see what is there.  I know that if I archive it puts the mail into a .pst format, but with this the only waty to view the mail is to import back into the program, and with that I can not just do a single email.

what I would like if it is possible is a way to archive the email so I can look at what is there later and have the option to pull baack only certain mail that I need.

any ideas/suggestions??
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You can drag and drop emails into a file system, ie on a network share.  Not really "archiving" as such, but it will fulfil your requirments.

You don't have to import mails back into the exchange server storage. Jsut open the pst file in Outlook.

Would it help you, if you extract only the attachments of the mails to save storage? The attachments are replaced by a shortcut and that's how it works here for me...
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