Need your opinions on a customizeable ASP.NET Calendar Control

I have a client that wants a small intranet site for his company that contains an editable monthly calendar which they can then print out and distribute to employees.  It'll be a basic looking monthly calendar with a box for each day of the month and when he clicks on a particular box, he can enter text which is then displayed within the box for that day within it's entirely (no cutting off sentences and then appending "..." to ensure ample room).

Also, due to space limitations, in the situation that a month exceeds 5 rows of dates, a sixth row will not be appended to the bottom like most other calendars.  Instead, the remaining days of the month will print to the right of the fifth row.

So I actually have 2 questions.  I've found a few calendar applications for sale that come close to what I want but since I can't edit the DLL, I can't get exactly what my client wants.  Does anyone know of a calendar control that I can edit to this extent to create my clients' desired result?

2nd, if there really aren't any applications like this out there, does anyone know of a good starting point(i.e. a web tutorial) on creating my own calendar control?

Thanks in advance.

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RomModConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The question has been PAQ'd and the 300 points have been refunded.
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Sorry, I don't have a specific answer to your question.
If you don't find anything, you may wish to try an open source solution like DotNetNuke. It comes with a calendar/event control.
You could try to learn from it, or even just use the entire solution.
You need to register to download the source code.

You wouldn't be able to sell the code, but you could sell your services in setting it up, etc.
Goalie35Author Commented:
Thanks for your help but after a little more investigation, I found out that's built in calendar control can do exactly what I'm looking for and is much easier to modify than a pre-built calendar control.

Thanks anyway.

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