CDO.Message Error: not enough space...

hey all, i'm sending email to a couple of thousand people using CDO.Message. I'm using .vbs for this and i got an error saying ...

CDO.Message.1: There is not enough space on the disk.

What's the deal with this? The first time i sent the emails it worked fine. The second time it crapped out, so i rebooted and started again, and i get the same error. What's going on? Thanx all

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cb1393Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Is there enough space on the disk?
cjinsocal581Connect With a Mentor Commented:
YOu could download a disk monitor from:

And watch it as the CDO.Message script is running and see when the HD gets to a point that it is full.

The CDO.Message is creating temporary files as it is running and they get deleted when the process is done.

Might want to split your process in half and do it in steps.
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