System Turns Into Sleep Mode After 5 Minutes Of use.....AOPEN Mx4bs MOBO/Aopen M64-agp(TNT-2) Video Card

I can't seem to get the setting.....

I am installing Windows XP, after formatting the hard drive-and replacing the power supply-and after 5 Minutes the phrase"goingTo Sleep" show on the monitor(17" Flat HP) and the system shuts down...I looked in the BIOS numerous times and i didnt see a setting that identifies an IRQ to the Video card....Any Ideas??
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CallandorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You need to go into the power settings page of the BIOS, where it will have time settings of when these things activate.
You should be able to disable the power saving settings in your BIOS to prevent this from happening. This shouldnt be anything to do with the specific power settings for you graphics card or AGP port. Also, if you've already installed Windows XP (It didnt sound like you did) you can also adjust power settings in Start > Control Panel > Power Options. Good luck!
I would check in the BIOS to see if there is a monitor that might be shutting down your PC to prevent damange. Some boards monitor the CPU/MB voltages and fans. If one is off enough it could be causing the problem.
Sometimes a power failure will jack up the settings on a BIOS, you can always try to load default bios setting and it should put everything to how it was before.

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