I have a newbie question regarding the installation of Solaris v9's OS.

I have a breand new server that I am trying to install Version 9 on.  I tried looking at the various documentation from Sun, and their documentation states boot the server with the cd in the drive.

The installation media package came with version 9 web install, and then the actual CLI install.  I have a video card installed in this monitor however, it seems to me that you have to install the OS before activating the video card.  (Is this correct?)

Basically what I am asking is how do I start the installation of the OS from a command prompt?

Is there anyway to activate the video card so that I may use the "easy" web install?  If not, what are the commands that I need to activate?  BTW- The manual also states about using the command boot cdrom, however the LOM, doesn't recognize boot.

Thanks from someone who is going to be learning a lot over the next few weeks!
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Hanno P.S.IT Consultant and Infrastructure ArchitectCommented:
First of all: Are you installing on a Sun (Solaris for SPARC) machine or on a PC (Solaris x86)?

Usually, you insert the CD labeled "Software - 1" and boot from it. On a Sun you issue
  boot cdrom
at the "ok " prompt. If you don't see this prompt press the Keys "Stop" and "A" together.

You may also boot from the CD labeled "Solaris Installation" -- but this is a Web-Installer
which has not so much ways to control the actual installation.

Good luck,
byd2kAuthor Commented:
Hi JustUNIX,

Thanks for the prompt response.

I am installing Solaris for SPARC with a connection via Hyperterminal.

In regards to STOP and A, what is the Stop bottom on a regular ps2 keyboard?

BTW - Even though I haven't installed the software for the vidcard, will the video card know to power on?  I am not recieving a monitor signal at this time.

Thanks again!
David PiniellaCommented:
the stop button doesn't exist on a ps/2 keyboard -- if yo're over a console, send a BREAK command (using whatever terminal prog you have...hyperterm etc)
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Hanno P.S.IT Consultant and Infrastructure ArchitectCommented:
A Sun (SPARC) will tyr to figure out if it is a server (no keyborad/graphic) or a workstation
during POST. The main criteria is a keyboard plugged in!
If there is no (Sun) keyboard connected, there will be no video signal ;-)

Connected to a Sun vie Hypertemr means serial connection, right? I am not exactly sure
what the key sequence is to send a BREAK with Hypertem. You should try something
like <Ctrl>-<Pause> or <Ctrl>-<Alt>-<Pause>
David PiniellaCommented:
hyperterm doesn't have that (that i know of); try using teraterm terminal emulator ( instead; it's a menu item (or i think control-B) to send a BREAK.
Hanno P.S.IT Consultant and Infrastructure ArchitectCommented:
I have been using hyperterm and was able to send a BREAK sequence -- just don't remeber the
exact key combination (tried with Ctrl, Alt, Pause etc.)
byd2kAuthor Commented:

Thank you all for your help.  I just started the installation.  

Dpiniella, thanks for the link, I installed the software and it's a lot nicer to use than hyperterminal.


After rebooting the workstation that I connect to the Unix server, I ended up loading the terminal emulator software, and ended up with a 0, not a # or a root syntax.

Can anyone provide calrification to the following?

Root ='s a dos promot.
LOM - Is used as a mini OS so that the user can install the actual operating system.
ALOM - Advanced LOM - I entered ths mode however I did not know what to use this for.
0 - How did I end up here?

I'll let you all know how I made out.  I'm in the processing of waiting for the software to load.

David PiniellaCommented:
0 tells you which processor on a multiproc you are actually on at the moment. (0, 1, etc...)
Hanno P.S.IT Consultant and Infrastructure ArchitectCommented:
What type of machine are you installing on?
If you connect to the serial port and have a "LOM" prompt, you will have to get
to the console (using the command "console") first. In LOM you can switch the
machine on and off and do some config an read logs
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