what happened to the design page in homesite 5.5?

We have a non-IT person doing web pages for one of the departments. They have been using Homesite 4.5 (maybe 4.2) and recently upgraded their desktop to XP Pro, which caused the 4.5 version to stop functioning properly. They purchased the 5.5 verions of Homesite, but the design page is nowhere to be found and they don't know or understand the edit page. Is that design page available in the 5.5 version? If so, how do I go about finding it?
dcinfosysDouglas County - Technology ServicesAsked:
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rdivilbissConnect With a Mentor Commented:
HomeSite 5.5 provides a lean, "code-only" editor ... blah, blah.

Macromedia wants you to get  DreamWeaver for WYSIWYG editting.
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