Outlook 2003: Cached Mode

Outlook 2003 defaults to cached mode when you create a profile. I noticed that it seems to take a few minutes, when using Outlook, to sychronize with the server. It's different on each machine. Do you know how frequent the synchronization happens? Is it every minute, 5 minutes, or something like that? I would like to know the default behavior of Outlook 2003 cached mode. By default, how frequent does it update the Exchange Server?

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I think the sync. is not set up in a specific delay, because if i sent a mail to a user he receives it without delay, but fot this point I'm not really sure. (sorry)

But, I know you can set up your syncronization delay in send/receive option in mail tab

more info. about synchro:
Order of folder synchronization in Outlook 2003
When Outlook 2003 synchronizes with an Exchange Server 2003 computer, Outlook 2003 uses an intelligent learning algorithm that is transparent to you. This algorithm puts higher synchronization priority on the folders that you use most frequently. This behavior gives you an optimal user experience. Outlook 2003 synchronizes folders in the following order (until you have been using Outlook long enough to train a synchronization priority):
1.      Utility folders (common views, views, and security settings)         
2.      Calendar         
3.      Contacts         
4.      Drafts         
5.      Inbox         
6.      All other folders (defined by the user)         
7.      Sent Items         
8.      Deleted Items         
9.      Public Folder Favorites (added by the user)       

I wish this help will be useful to you

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