External Mac formatted drive - need to copy files to a windows machine

I have a 110 GB hard drive formatted for a Mac.  I wanted to know if there was a windows program that would allow me to view this hard drive when plugged into my windows system (I would prefer cheap or free program).  

If this is not an option I also have a drive formatted in FAT32 format that I can plug into the Mac.  However there are Mac files with illegal windows file characters such as " ! and? . Is there anyway to convert these file names so I could copy them to the FAT32 hard drive?  

Thank you.
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MacOS 10.3.X is able to read NTFS formated partitions, but i do not belive it is able to write them.  There is a software package out there that will be able to read mac formated partitions on windows.  But it's $64.  They have a free trial if you want to test it out.  The name of the software is TRANSMAC

TRANSMAC: http://www.asy.com/
I wouldn't know about mac filesystem emulation software for windows, but if any such software existed, you'd still have the illegal filename problem when trying to copy that to the windows box.
Why don't you just rename those files while still on the mac?

For now, I'd stick with FAT32 partitions no larger than 32 gigs each on the USB hard drive.  As to the filenames, I'd begin doing whatever you have to in order to convert those.  They will cause you any number of interoperability problems, not only in this regard, but in other ways as well (as you might try to use them over a network that is mixed-environment, and/or you might try to burn them to a CD or DVD, whose file system may also object to the same special characters).

I think that the announcement of a MAC OS that can read NTFS discs is imminent.  And I suspect that such "add-on" software probably exists now, as probably does PC software to read a MAC native format disk, but neither is currently free.

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