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webserv prog Connecting to an obdc database. Cannot perform this operation on a closed dataset

Im really stumped on this so if someone could help i would be very gratefull.

I have written a win-cgi webserv program which must manipulate databases.
the program was working but now when i run the program using "internet information services" on my machine i get the error
Exception: EDatabaseError
Message: UserTable: Cannot perform this operation on a closed dataset"

As far as i can tell my odbc settings are right becuase i am using a microsoft access database and it is registering the tables and fields in the c++builder5 ide.
i use this code to open the databse and it was working but i must have changed a something.

UserTable->Open(); this is the table.

Also if i set the connected property of the database to true the program does not load at all. instead it gives me the error
Exception: EDBEngineError
Message: An error occurred while attempting to initialize the Borland Database Engine (error $2B05)

From the borland website i found that...
$2B05 : permission denied

This is not an error in my code because i had a few programs connected to different database's but now they all give the same error when run.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Edit : i think now i am having this problem because i need to enter a username and password even though i have the login property set to false.
Does anyone know how i can turn off the need to log in each time the program runs?
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haven't you changed the odbc/bde settings on your pc to require login?
Jim1981Author Commented:
Thanks for the reply.
The thing is im not sure. Its my first time doing this stuff so i dont really know. If i double click on the database in the form it brings up an option screen where i can change the parameter overrides. Here there is a checkbox which says login prompt and i have this unchecked. is there anywhere else i have to change.
Im really in trouble with this so any help at all is very welcome.
It's a while since I have worked with BDE, but if i remember correctly you have to use the bde administrator to configure the setup (or odbc administrator if you are using an odbc driver).

In ODBC Microsoft Access Setup there is an Advanced button that brings up a dialog where you set Default Authorization (login/password)

For the bde access driver i think you only can give the user name, and have to supply the passord at runtime.


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