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Reconnect employee to Win2K domain from his home

Our employee tried changed his domain to workgroup to try to see his home computers and share printers. However, he cannot log onto our Win 2K server now via VPN as he is no longer part of the domain.  
1.  Do I need to get him to rejoin the domain, and can he do that from California when the server is in Washington? Or does he need to be connected to the network to rejoin the domain? He tried to log on as the local Admin and logon to the vpn, but of course that didn't work.  Then he tried to logon as himself, via VPN and it times out with a VPN error 800.

2.  Can I set something up on the server to allow him in with his computer set up as a member of his workgroup?

What is the easiest/quickest fix?  If we reset him up to the domain, I know how to get him to have access to the other computers in his home.  I just need him to be able to get access to the server via VPN.  We need him to have access to the network here ASAP in time for a funder meeting.

Thank you
1 Solution
Why VPN are you using?  What is the client?
It depends on the VPN client. If he can start the VPN client as a service, he can also join the domain. If not, it is more complicated. He'd then have to use another device or PC which connects to the VPN, then acts as router or gateway for the client who needs to join the domain.
mdkarrAuthor Commented:
He is connecting with the standard Microsoft VPN client and has done so before with no troubles. But that was before he decided to change from the domain to his home network on the laptop.  

He should just be able to fill in his username, password and then the domain name at the opening window of the VPN, right?  He was getting error 800, but I have told him to turn off the MS firewall to see if that makes a difference.  Is this correct?
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The firewall could get in the way.  yes.  But, if the VPN was working before and not now then the firewall is probably not the problem.  I would first make sure that the firewall is not the issue and then recreate the VPN connection on the XP client.  Maybe something in the profiles is different now that he isn't logging into a domain anymore.  Just a thought.
I don't know the M$ VPN. I just know that in order to be able to connect to the domain, the system needs to reboot when you haveset the domain membership in control panel, and the PC then has to connect to the domain when first booting. For that the VPN client has to run as a service because the vpn connection has to stand when booting. If that is not the case the PC can't finish joining the domain. Once that has been done once it shouldn't be a problem again later. It's only necessary the first time.
This is not uncommon going to a WGroup then trying to get back to a domain.  A couple of removals are needed, in this order --
1.  remove himself from workgroup entirely.  Reboot.
2.  Remove from network setup the "Client for MS networks", then reboot.
3.  Reinstall the "Client for MS Networks" in the network setup (add client - MS -- MS client for MS networks).
4.  Having done that, rejoin the domain, by clicking on the checkbox -- join a domain.
5.. Login as normal.

In future, just tell him to run two separate PROFILES on his system -- one profile logs into the DOMAIN, as normal -- the other profile is joined to his local network.  It is really simple to setup, and then he just logs out of the office profile, and logs into the workgroup profile when at home, etc.

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