Implementing Strong Password

We are in the process of implementing strong passwords which include punctuation.  The problem is we keep running into applications, even AD enabled ones, that don't like certain characters.  So far the ones that have caused problems are <,>,/ and \.  Is there a list of characters that are concidered acceptable for passwords?
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JBlondConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That depends on every single application which can't handle these characters...

Windows is (as far as I know) able to handle all this characters within passwords but that does not mean that third-party-apps can do the same. (

Further, if the developers of these problematic applications don't fix this, I don't think there is (in combination with really strong passwords) a 'perfect' solution which can bypass these problems. If you still want to implement strong passwords, I would recommend to advice all users that a password has to contain at least one dot or hyphen, but no other special character.

Dots or hyphens are very common in strong passwords and no application should have a problem with this...
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