Launch a VB.NET program to identify CPU ID from CD


I've written a small VB.NET program that allows me to identify the CPU id of any computer. The problem is that it requires me to install it on the computer and it must find the framework installed to run.

Do you know how I can get it to run directely from a CD or a diskette?

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You don't...

If you write a .Net application in C#, VB, J# it is bytecode and needs the .Net Framework to run. The only thing you can do if you don't wish to install the .Net framework is either embed the setup into the application so that its installed without people noticing or write the application in c/C++.

You could write it in java, but you would need a jvm installed on the machine then!!
Sure burn it to a cd and double click the file. But having said that if the framework is not there then the program will not run on the computer.

Best option is an install and load the required framework and install that too. But you can create a setup and deployment package to do this for you.
GhanisenAuthor Commented:
Hi cyberdevil67,

That's what I've been doing till now.

My question is how avoid installing the framework on the target computer. All I want is just extract the CPU id.

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