Wierd Permissions situation

I have a new user who is largely responsible for generating images and graphics with Adobe Creative Suite.  We have a network share folder that contains subfolders for the various images.  All folders in question are set up to propogate permissions to all child objects; however, this appears to be not working.  When the new user saves her images to the folders no-one can view them except her.  I have to go in and change ownership of all of the child objects to be me, and then force the permissions on the folder level to propogate to the children.  After I do that, everyone who needs access to the files is granted said access.  

Why is it that when she saves the files they are forced into such a restrictive scheme, even though the parent folders dictate otherwise?

Is there a setting within the adobe products that dictate security parameters, that might override the windows permissions?

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Is it her home folder? If so there are special restrictions in effect. Try to set up a new share where you let her save her work
saxophobe60Author Commented:
Nope it is not her home folder, it is just a network share.
what are the NTFS permissions on the parent folder and to which group or groups the user belongs?

Perhaps the Users -group has too little rights on the parent folder, so when user creates a new document she is the "creator owner" of this doc with full rights and other users (members of the Users -group) have only rights to view (traverse) folder.

Check the effective permissions on the new document, both for the creator owner and plain user.
saxophobe60Author Commented:
The solution was that the user had been dragging the items into the network folder, rather than a standard copy/paste scenario.....permissions with that form of copy get jacked in the process; thus. confusing network NTFS permissions with local ones.  Once she started the copy/paste method the problem went away.
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