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Slackware 9.1 access via Dlink DI-804HV pptp vpn connection

I have a small business running a P2P network, utilizing a Slackware 9.1 box as a file server / SAMBA enabled.
Recently the need arose to connect to the SAMBA shares fm remote.  I am not very Linux savvy, but can do basics...so I installed the D-Link DI-804HV router w/VPN support and enabled the virtual PPTP server.

Remote connections are made to the LAN, no problem.  Other Win machines' shares are visible, BUT the SAMBA shares are not.  I can ping the server, telnet the server, and use Webmin all over the VPN connection but cannot access the SAMBA shares.

I would very much appreciate some advice to resolve as is - not to install pptp on Linux or other solution.

Thank you.
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1 Solution
Is it that the SAMBA shares just aren't showing up in Network Neighborhood?
Have you had the remote users try to map the shares to a drive or directly type \\sambaservername\sharename?

If the shares are accessible by mapping drives or exploring to (gah I hate ms-speak) \\computername\sharename then is that good enough or do you really need them to show up when browsing network neighborhood?
systechakAuthor Commented:

I feel the pain you are going through in speaking MS, but I appreciate your efforts.  I cannot access the server at all, ie   Start - Run - \\servername  I get the message that it's not found...

I did try to map, thinking that it would possibly work even though I couldn't see it - didn't work.

Keep in mind that I can ping, telnet, etc...  Just no access to files via Windows/apps.

I can't remember offhand if Samba gets config'd kinda like postfix or other mail servers...where you define in a config file what networks are concidered "yours" thereby allowing traffic (relaying on a mail server, possibly share access onsamba).  I'll try to look it up if I get the chance (just got home...lots to do yet).  That'd be the first thing I'd check (looking at the actual samba config files and docs from the samba project, not webmin's interface).

There's probably a better next step if that doesn't work, but I have this nasty habbit of overcomplicating things...so the next thing *I* would do is probably fire up a couple packet sniffers....one on the samba server (or at least on a network segment that can sniff traffic to/from the samba server) and another on the other side of the VPN then compare them and see where the communication is breaking down.

Actually, I suppose before doing that it'd make sense to check all the samba logs for errors (notice I thought of sniffing before checking logs....one of those "I'm tired of trying what *might* work...lemme do sumfin that *will* work, no matter how cumbersome" situations haha).

anyway...there's a few things to keep ya busy if nobody else can offer any input...I'll try to check back in later.

Good Luck!
Gabriel OrozcoSolution ArchitectCommented:
I wonder if it is your smb.conf, where you tell samba to listen on eth0 but fail to tell it to listen on "lo"

check you have this line:

       interfaces = eth0 lo

maybe after check it and restart samba you can see it on your computer.

maybe you restringed to a local area ip address also, then add at the end 127.
like in here:

         hosts allow = 10.

hope this help
systechakAuthor Commented:
Thank you fixnix & Redimido.

The Virtual PPTP server in the DLink router is different from the host subnet/address of the SAMBA server.

I added the PPTP subnet and it works fine.

Thank  you for your help...I'm going to give this one to Redimido since that answer was so close.

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