Newb question. How can clients connect to office on an application server?

I only have the basic terminal services licensing installed, but all clients are using 2000 or XP.

How do I connect them to Office on the server transparently?


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yes it does make more sense, I believe that is not possible to accomplish.
actually what does mean "connect them to Office on the server trasparently"?

If you mean "how can users connect to Terminal Server using Remote Desktop" the answer would be: users must have rights to logon to the server. They must be members of the local administrators -group if Terminal Services is running in Remote Administration ("basic terminal services") -mode.

If the server is in Application mode, users must have rights to logon, easiest way to accomplish this is to add users to Print Operators group.
TalaraineAuthor Commented:
Thank you for that...that does help another area, but my question more specifically was about only connecting to an app, and not the remote desktop. Hence the transparency remark. I don't want the user to have access to anything but the application they desire.

Does that make more sense?
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