BES market share, and typical IT Policies

Does anyone have any statistics, even vague or anecdotal, regarding what percentage of BlackBerry users access services via BES?  And for those users, are there any "typical" BES configurations regarding restricting end user installation of third party applications and access to network services by those applications?  Lastly, how do these statistics vary by carrier (Nextel/Verizon/TMobile/Cingular)?  I am only interested these statistics for the newer BlackBerry models (7000 series).  Also, i am only concerned about the US market (not international).

I ask because I am developing a consumer application for the BlackBerry (which needs network access) and am trying to understand what percentage of BlackBerry end users will be able to install and use my application without modifications to their BES configuration (which of course may not be possible).

For example, if 80% of BB users are prevented from installing or using their own third-party network-enabled applications due to BES IT policies, then the market for my application is much smaller.  If the numberis 20% or 60%, the story is of course different.

Thanks in advance!
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JammyPakConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't really see how anyone but RIM would be able to give you this information...

still, here's my guesses (hey, you said anecdotal counts!)

I would think that a very high majority of BB users are using a BES. The BB is still very much a corporate tool, and although they sell to end-users, this is probably a small percentage of their total user base. As a number, I would guess 80-90% corporate users.

I would also guess that a very high number of IT departments that roll out the BES do not configure detailed security policies for the devices. This is only based on the encounters I've had, but I think that in most environments, it is just rolled out as is. Also, most users don't really know how to add/remove software. Most users I've met don't know how to backup and restore their device either...
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