How do I make Outlook use the .pst file on my D drive?

I just had to drop an image of my C drive, and when I reinstalled Outlook, it created a new outlook.pst file on the C drive. However, I'd like to continue using the outlook.pst file on my D drive, which contains my old emails.

How do I get Outlook to use the old .pst file?

My OS is Windows XP Pro.
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travalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here are the generic steps, if you need specifics anywhere along the way just reply with the version of Outlook you are using and I will provide them.

1.  go to CONTROL PANEL->Mail icon
2.  bring up the profile's properties
3.  remove the existing pst file, add a new PST file and when adding it browse to your existing one you want to use
4.  start Outlook, when it says that the delivery point has changed answer YES.
raivesAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the clear instructions. They worked.
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