disconnect network icons or groups

I  networked  3 computers.  I see that I still have listed in network connections a couple of older networks that I want to delete. How do i do that?  Under microsoft windows network it list mshome and two others i didnt name. there is also one called "workgroup" that is the one i want to keep.  thanks
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check all of your networked computers are in the same 'workgroup', if they are in different workgroups you will see the name of the workgroup show up in that list.  If you do change the workgroups you'll have to wait a while for the names to disappear from the list.

dfte11aAuthor Commented:
They are all in the proper workgroup. When I got these machines they all had at one time or another a network set up on them. Those are the names I want to delete. (the OLD network names)  I dont want them confused with my new network name.
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