Multiple VPN tunnels

I have a PIX 515E connecting to a LANROVER and multiple Linksys VPN devices.  The Linksys devices are making mutiple tunnel connections to my PIX.  When I do a show isakmp sa, I will see one connection for the lanrover.  One connection for a PIX 501 I have somewhere and then for each of the Linksys devices I am seeing upwards of 100 connections.  Eventually All tunnels seems to fails and I have to clear isakmp sa and then we are fine for a while.

ANy ideas?
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moduloConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Closed, 500 points refunded.

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You may want to take this up with Cisco since they produce both the Linksys and PIX.

In my experience, Linksys VPN devices only work with other Linksys VPN devices and that's it.

I don't believe that Linksys has taken the time to get their VPN devices ISCA IPSec certified:
Previous cert--
Current cert--

This is a standards body that certifies interoperable IPSec VPN equipment. No mention of Linksys which is a consumer-grade VPN device.

You've sadly stumbled upon IPSec's dirty little secret that vendor-to-vendor, IPSec may have varying implementations that do not operate with another vendor technology.
snowsurferAuthor Commented:
answered on my own.  Turned off keep alives on Linskys devices
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