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Hello Everyone,

I have to create a backup schedule which will backup data from the server and the network drives on Daily, Weekly and Monthly basis. I have to take daily backups from Sunday to Wednesday. Weekly backups on Thursdays and one mothly bakup. I want to know how can I schedule this pattern using the ntbackup. I have to label the tapes D1, D2 etc for days, W1, W2 for weeks and M1, M2 for months.  

The pattern has to be like :

Su     Mo    Tu    We    Th
D1     D2     D3    D4     W1
D5     D1     D2    D3     W2
D4     D5     D1    D2     W3
D3     D4     D5    D1     M1  

So all the tapes get rotated for all the days.  How can i setup this schedule.
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Refering to your question back to me, I always erase the daily tapes so they will automatically be accepted for the backup.
Another option is to append to each daily tape but this can get messy.
My personal preference is to do daily differential backups ( not incremental ).
This means all files altered on Day1 are backed up on D1,D2,D3,D4 all files altered on Day2 are backed up D2,D3,D4 etc.
This means you only need the last Full Weekly Backup and the last D tape to restore your data. If you do incremental then you need the last Full Backup plus D1,D2,D3,D4
We use both ARCSERVE 9.0 and NTBACKUP.
Arcserve is a far superior product.
If budget allows, I'd use arcserve.


ntbackup has a built in scheduler.
The easiest way is to create three tasks


HalmarriAuthor Commented:
HI Ian,

Thanks for the reply,

Please tell me that if i create a job  - "daily" which will backup the data daily, and I use 4 different tapes for daily use. so will the ntbackup application accept different tapes labelled D1, D2 etc.
you can name tapes as you wish.
You will also have three types of backups.
•      Full Backup
•      Incremental Backup
•      Differential Backup
When you making Backup strategies have in consideration how long will backup take and how fast you will need to restore data in case of losing it.
Full backup are done once a week, month, year. Incremental or differential are done daily.
In your case you need decide are you going to use Incremental or Differential backup for daily backups. Fro start and little more information you may go to this site: 
Also search in Google. Type “backup strategies” You will find a lot of sites that will explain all you would like to know.
Onther site you may like to see: 
have a look at this one.
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