Netware Message Popup Server Space

I work in a company that used Novell Netware with windows XP as the User Operating system.

When server space becomes low we are bombarded every few seconds with "Netware Message Popups" sayin that "Server Space is Low".

Sometimes this can be useful, to get people to clear junk; but often, especially when it refers to a server that the department do not use it is just annoying!

IT say that it is not possible to direct messages to only the server administrator, but i am sure i have read somewhere that it is.

Seems to make alot more sense for it to work this way, they can then choose who they need to email with instructions for any needed housekeeping.

Does anyone know if it is possible to direct these messages to only the administrator, and if so how do you do it?

Any help much appreciated, thanks in advance...
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If the "set volume low warn all users = off" SET command is used, the broadcast to all users will only occur when the volume runs out of space altogether.

In order to direct messages to anyone specifically, you need to use a monitoring tool like ManageWise (if you have old NetWare and have MW) or ZEN for Servers if you have modern Novell products.)

I would be more concerned about why you keep running low...

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jamespyerAuthor Commented:
How would they update the "set volume low warn all users = off" command?

Agree about the concern of why they keep running low on space! Think they like to keep a rather tight control over their budgets!
At the NetWare server console (the : prompt), enter --> SET VOLUME LOW WARN ALL USERS=OFF

The message is sent to all users who have authenticated to that particular server. If users who don't need anything from the server are authenticating to it, then someone hasn't done a very good job engineering the environment.
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Hopefully, the admin is authenticated to this server, and is getting the messages too. Do you have any way to identify who is the admin, and get in contact with them?

BTW, the command ShineOn and I have been suggesting must be entered AT THE SERVER (or via a Remote Console session). This is not something you enter for your workstation.

Another way to avoid seeing the message is to identify how you're connected to the server, and clear that specific connection between your workstation and the server. You'll stop getting the messages at that point. Exactly how you do this does depend on what service(s) you're receiving from that particular server.
jamespyerAuthor Commented:
Ok, cheers, i know who the administrator is - last time i requested it i got the reply:

Unfourtunatly this is not possible and without the message we will not know when the servers are running low
Sorry for any inconvienience caused

I'll send him your instructions when the message next pops up!

"Unfourtunatly this is not possible and without the message we will not know when the servers are running low "

I take this to mean you're dealing with an idiot. If s/he can't figure out any other way to monitor disk space, then they have no business being at the server console. Heck, if they can't afford ManageWise, they can get OnSite Admin Pro and use its monitoring capabilities. That's a bunch of BS to claim they have no other way to know.

They will probably respond to your next E-Mail (with the instructions) the same way.
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