FrontPage 2002 Forms and Downloading into an Excel File

I would like to start capturing data on my website ( whereby potential artists could fill in a form capturing data such as

Address 1
Address 2
Address 3
Post Code

Size of space required    (with drop down list showing different sizes eg 100/200/300/400/500 sq feet)
When is space required    (with drop down list showing month of the year)
Would you share    (with drop down list showing yes/no)
Please detail any specialist requiements    (free text up to 5 lines of text)
What is your budget    (with drop down list showing prices £100/£200/£300/£400 per month)
Creative Medium (with drop down list showing painting/scupture/ceramic/illustrator/other - please detail with free text box added)

I would then like the ability for the visitor to press 'submit' and this data would be able to be downloaded into Excel to keep a mini database.

Please would you show (preferably) a very easy to use add-in (where I don't have to use code) and how I would download into Excel. Otherwise you could show me how I would do this within FrontPage itself if it is fairly straightforward.

Thanks and regards,
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hhammashConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I asked because you might face difficulties with Excel.

- Create the Excel sheet with the required columns
- Import it to your web
- Create a connection for it using Tools > Web Settings > Databases > Add
- File or folder in the current web
- Select file type xls
- Select the excel file
- OK,  OK
- You will see the database connection name with a big blue question mark
- Click once on the connection and then click Verify button
- Now you will have a green tick mark
- Click Modify > Advanced
- In the other parameters click Add
- In name box, type exactly this:  ReadOnly
- In the value, type a zero:  0
- OK (by doing this you made the excel file writeable)  if you don't do this,  you will not be able to write to the file

Create a form, give each pull down menu the same name of it's corresponding excel sheet column
Post the form to the database connection that you created

Save the page with .asp extension.

Now when you fill the form and submit it you will write to the excel sheet.


Why Excel?  You can do that very easily with Access.  It will be easy to utilize the database.  You can simply do that with Access.  With Excel you will have some difficulties.
davidascottAuthor Commented:
For the simple reason that I am very good with Excel and don't have a clue when it comes to Access!!!....and advice??
davidascottAuthor Commented:
Thanks very much for this, I will test tomorrow morning and let you know what happens.  Thanks for your help.

You are welcome David,  let me know what happens.
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