Bulk mailbox creation / export user info from Linux Send mail


1. I like to enable mailbox for the existing users in 2003 AD. Any utility available to do this task for bulk users? I checked ldifde, csvde utilities. Both are used to create new user and mailbox. But, I want to create only(or enable) mailboxes for the existing (bulk)users.

2. Ive seen an option in Exchange 2003 migration wizard to export users from any IMAP server to exchange 2003 server. Is it possible to export users from Linux send mail server to exchange 2003 server and map the mailboxes to existing users in 2003 AD?

My present scenrio is as follows: RedHad Linux 9.0 Send mail mailboxes are used by Windows NT 4 users. And the mailboxes are stored as PST file format in client machines.
I am planning to migrate NT users to 2003 AD thorugh ADMT.
Is there any way to directly export mail users from send mail to exchange 2003 and map the mail boxes with existing 2003 AD users?

If you have any other suggestion for this migration process, pls advice me.

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Use the search function in Active Directory Users and Computers, find all the users you want to have mailboxes, mark all of them, right-click, Exchange Tasks.
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