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Hi all

I am using Struts in my applicatin.
I prepare a MyAction which extends Action.

In the execute() method, I perform my business logic. Then I want to lookup the struts config again to find another actionpath, how to do so?

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aozarovConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Are you trying to chain Actions by calling an Action from another Action?
This article has two aproaches for this: (Action chaining)
I personally, used the first one only.
return actionMapping.findForward( "nameofmapping" ) ;
gloginAuthor Commented:
Thank. In my case, I need to use the 2nd one. How to acheive it in coding?
If you prefer to extends the RequestProcessor (which I personally didn't do) then you can have a look at:

After you extends the class with your logic you can make struts use it by setting this entry
 <controller contentType="text/html:charset=UTF-8" locale="true" nocache="true" processorClass="<your_request_processorr"/>
in struts-config.xml

This is the RequestProcessor API:
And as you can see The Actions map is visible to you via the actions variable where the key is the fully qualified class name of the Action class.
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