Cannot send e-mail after Windows update


I updated my Win XP SP2 yesterday (April 12) and when I started the system today, I found out I couldn't send any e-mail through my MS Outlook. The messages remain in the outbox for "years" and simply refuse to go.

I have also tried to access my webmails without success so far.

What the heck do I do?

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The emails may be getting stuck in the windows firewall a first step is to try disableing the firewall and see if outlook is then able to send emails.

Control Panel >> Security Centre >> Windows Firewall  (check to Off and click ok)

Restart for piece of mind...

If it works check that outlook exists in the Exceptions Tab in the Windows Firewall settings, if not add it.

Let us know if this makes any differance

LincolnCarvalhoAuthor Commented:
Hi, rvision,

Thanks for your prompt answer, but no, that does not work. I had tried already tried disabling Windows frewall, but after your suggesion I did this again also restarted the system too, and it didn't work. :^(
What version of outlook are you using?

What errors does it return when you click send/receive?
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LincolnCarvalhoAuthor Commented:
MS Outlook version is 2003 (11.5608.5606)

Error: Task 'XXX - Sending' reported an error (0x800CCC0F) : 'Conection with the server interrupted. If the problem persists continuar, contact the system adminidtrator or the internet service provider (ISP).  The server answered: 421 Error: timeout exceeded'
can you receive mail?

I just tried the telnet command to attempt to connect to the server and it fails.. It looks like its them and not you.

Run Start >> cmd (enter)

Telnet 25 (enter)

Try another email server if you have one or make a hotmail account and test with that.. Otherwise contact your email/ISP

Check this one and follow the suggestions to see if that would help

How to troubleshoot error messages that you receive when try to send and receive e-mail in Outlook and in Outlook Express
I can telnet into 25 which means the uol smtp server is working are you sure your outgoing server is meant to be

Check your email settings are correct
LincolnCarvalhoAuthor Commented:
No, my outgoing server is definetely *not* What may this thing be? A sort of virus?

could be somthing has adjusted your email settings virus/trojen/remote control, I would change that back to the correct email settings..

do you have upto date AV software? If not AVG 7 is pretty good, and free.

With the latest update files scan the pc in safe mode under administrator...

Im sure you know how to change email account settings but just encase:

Outlook : Tools >> Email Accounts (view change account) Next

See if any other email account settings have been added to your machine

LincolnCarvalhoAuthor Commented:
sunray 2003,

I had already tried your suggestion: I created a new profile. It works partially, but when I import my older messages from the old .pst file the problem appears again.

Thanks anyway!
LincolnCarvalhoAuthor Commented:

Funny thing is that my settings in "Tools >> Email Accounts (view change account) Next" are configures correctly and there's no extra account.

My AV is Avast! free version.
now that is bizzar, so is the error still saying it is trying to connect to the sever?

What happens if you create a second account with your settings, do you get the server error twice?
is your problem after new profile creation , to send emails or receive or both ?
LincolnCarvalhoAuthor Commented:
The problem is for sending emails only. I receive email ok.

When I create a new profile the problem disappears but when I import my old messages it comes back again.
The other thing to check is what account you are sending your emails out on after you have loaded the pst file in.

When you write a new email, look at the account drop down box next to send.. see if there is anything unusual there.
LincolnCarvalhoAuthor Commented:

I was wrong. I checked with my ISP and they said SCORPION/5/6 *IS* in fact on of their outgoing servers.

BTW: I have installed Norton AV, updated, scanned, 3 viruses were detected and cleaned, but the problem remains.
I telnet both of those addresses and can connect to either, I should be able to if they are going to accept email on smtp port 25.

I would check with them again for the right smtp outgoing server address.


Do you have the discs to uninstall and reinstall outlook/office?

What viruses did you pick up. AV is good at detecting and somtimes removing viruses but not repairing the damage they can cause.
LincolnCarvalhoAuthor Commented:
In fact they were adware (hotbar.exe,WinTaskAd, MemoryMeter)  and were not really "working", they were quarantined by Pest Patrol.

Yes, I do have the disc, I'll try some fixing feature and let you know.

And, this problematic PC is one of my 3 machine LAN. The other two are sending and receiveing ok.
LincolnCarvalhoAuthor Commented:
One more detail: Outllok Express sends e-mails ok...
after importing the pst file?
LincolnCarvalhoAuthor Commented:
After importing the pst file, Outlook Express stops working too!

BTW: Repair tool in the disk did nor work either...
LincolnCarvalhoAuthor Commented:
I just tried to telnet 25 and 25. Error message goes: impossible to open conexion with host n. Door 25: conexion failed.

Another thing: after installing the same Windows update in my notebook, the same thing happened. I had made an image with Norton Ghost and managed to "undo" the update.
bizzar... seeing a pst should stroe no email data. Did you copy the file or export it?

What happens if you import your messages into outlook, then export them ensuring you select only messages. Then go back to the working state and import the new pst file?

p.s I get a connection if I telnet 25
LincolnCarvalhoAuthor Commented:
What does that mean if you get a conection, but I don't?
something is stopping you connect to the server!!

Can you telnet any other servers or just that one on port 25?

telnet 25
LincolnCarvalhoAuthor Commented:
telnet 25 fails...
ok try an address I know that works 100%


what result do you get?
LincolnCarvalhoAuthor Commented:
telnet prompts for a password...
ok thats good :) you can connect to somthing. seems your having a problem with port 25 though.. just popping out for some lunch
LincolnCarvalhoAuthor Commented:
I was wondering: what if I remove the updates through Add/Remove new software? One window advises: programs such and such will stop working if you remove update xyz. Will this really happen?

ps: bon appetit!
yes, removing sp2 is a pain in the arse and causes lots of issues...

What happens if you telnet the addresse 25 when your email is working, i.e like you had it before you installed the pst file
LincolnCarvalhoAuthor Commented:
I am not sure what is working anymore. I am running out of options.

Telnet results in errors.

I've created a new profile again and now messages leave outbox, go to sent messages box, but take forever (or never) make their way to their destiny.

The other guy with a similar problem ( said he solved his problem by changing his modem. I wonder if that would also be my case... My other PCs in the same LAN are sending and receiving correctly...
yes but if your sending via lan your not using your modem for email are you?

are you sending emails via a gateway router connected to adsl? or modem? or what?
p.s try connecting to my server through cmd as I just tried the hotmail ones from home and they dont work, obviously works email proxy picks up my telnet on 25. my server works on telnet from home

 telnet 25
LincolnCarvalhoAuthor Commented:
telnet 25 works: 220 ESMTP Sendmail 8.12.10/8.12.10; Fri. 15 Apr 2005 20:57:58 +0100

Oh, yes, I connect via gateway router connected to an ADSL modem.

What do I do next?
ok so your pc can connect to outgoing smtp servers with sp2.. thats a start :)

I would delete all profiles in outlook, and setup the details manually as you have before and check that the e-mail works...
LincolnCarvalhoAuthor Commented:
Just did as you told. The first e-mail I sent after setting my details manually went ok. The second one is taking forever and sshowing the same error messages.
ok, can you system restore to before you started having intermitent problems?

start >> program>> accessories >> system tools >> system restore

so it at least works as it used to

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LincolnCarvalhoAuthor Commented:
Hi, every1,

To my surprise, afetr trying everything I could possibly think of, I uninstalled the 3 or four upgrades I had made through Windows update and, voilá, it worked like magig. And the best of all: nothing went wrong as for other programs.

So, I guess rvision deserves the points as he was the one who helped me the most.

That's it: if you have the same problem try uninstalling the Windows updates: add/remove programs > remove upgrades.
LincolnCarvalhoAuthor Commented:
BTW, start >> program>> accessories >> system tools >> system restore NEVER works with me. I don't have the vaguest idea why this is so...
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