Hi mikeleebrla
I have a server in network with 25 users connected permentely,it is a raid 5 technology,backup it is done every night over the internet to private company and i have iomega backup
my problem i want to set up a server it is older than the first one ,that is if the first server is down physically i can use the second without loosing time,the second will be online only if the first one is down..means i want to copy all the configuration from the first and paste it in the second,can you tell me please which files and settings i will copy from the first and restore them in the second(ex:users,profiles.....)
i hope my english will be understand by you
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mikeleebrlaConnect With a Mentor Commented:

im not sure why you opened another question, but know you have duplicate questions. (which you aren't supposed to do b/c it confuses everyone)

also, you really can't address a question to one person.  The whole point of a forum is to get ideas from more than one person.

but again,,,, we will need to know more about your setup and what you are trying to do.  Is this server a Domain controller?

your logic really doesn't make sense to me however.  lets call the servers live and backup for example.  you say that backup server will only be online if the first one goes down.  If it is never online,,, how can it get current info from the live server?  if you are looking for something that is almost instant (without loosing time) then what you really need is a cluster.  But for a cluster you have to have identical hardware (95% sure as im not an expert on clustering)   If you are just looking for a way to have your user accounts backed up then you would just need to make both servers Domian controllers, both have a copy of the global catalog, both have DNS and both have DHCP (if you use dhcp)  this way if the live server went down the backup server would still be online to authenticate user logins.  But in this setup both servers would be DCs and both be equal as far as active directory is conserned.  In windows 2000/2003 domains,,, there is no such thing as a backup domain controller.  those were used in NT4 and are obsolete now.

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