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Name not being resolved - email undeliverable

I having a very troubling issue with one of my internal clients. Other clients' email are being returned to them as undeliverable. Please note details (user name/company name removed for security):

-----Original Message-----
From: System Administrator
Sent: Friday, April 1, 2005 8:46 PM
Cc: 'FirstName LastName'
Subject: Undeliverable: Subject

Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients.

      Subject:      Subject
      Sent:      4/1/2005 8:46 PM

The following recipient(s) could not be reached:

      'FirstName LastName' on 4/1/2005 8:46 AM
            The recipient name is not recognized
      The MTS-ID of the original message is: c=US;a= ;p=Partial Company Name;l=SERVER-050401124627Z-189

Additionally, when I looked at the email returned from the System Admin and double-click on the recipient's name, the last tab titled 'Email Addresses' is blank.

I have gone the route of:
a. copying all the user's mail, contact and calendar items to a *.pst file.
b. deleting the outlook client profile.
c. deleting the mailbox from the server.
d. creating a new mailbox on the server.
e. creating a new outlook client profile.
f. importing all the information from the *.pst file back into outlook.

And still, the problem persists.

MS suggested this may have to do with a "local cache" on the sender's computer when composing the email, meaning that when they type the email and type in the recipient's name, Outlook/Exchange will automatically do name resolution (same thing as pressing ALT+K after typing the person's name in the TO: field). On Outlook 2000/XP, a drop down appears when you begin to type a person's name that lists possible names. By right-clicking on one of these, you can delete it.

Only problem with that is that most of the clients are running on Outlook 97 and this version of Outlook doesn't have this feature. It appears as if name resolution occurs because the name gets underlined. But when the sender sends the email, it bounces back immediately. So I kind of dissed this theory.

Can anyone assist and is there a step that I have left out?

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2 Solutions
I assume you've checked the users e-mail-adress in Active Directory to make sure he actually has a resolvable address?
mperez1216Author Commented:
We are running Exchange 5.5 on an NT 4.0 Server (no AD).
Are you sure there is an active SMTP email address associated with this user and not just an alias.  Right click on his name and select properties.  Check under the email address tab.
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mperez1216Author Commented:
Properties (names have been changed to protect the innocent):

CCMAIL:LastName, FirstName at DOMAIN
X400:c=US;a= ;p=Company Name;o=DOMAIN;s=LastName;g=FirstName;

On Exchange Server properties for the user, the alias is the same as the username.
Are your users sending an email to the alias, or the full email address?  If they are sending it via the alias, try the full email address and see if that goes through.  If it does, then maybe the alias was used before for a former employee and it was never removed correctly.  Also, have you added more email users since this problem.  Try creating a new user with a fake email address to see if it works.  That may help you narrow the problem to his specific name.
mperez1216Author Commented:
When the message comes back, it comes back as 'FirstName LastName' is not recognized. This is after the sender types the person's name and Outlook resolves it. As far as a former employee, there are is no chance that the alias was used before because the name is too unique. Yes, I have added 3 users since then. As far as creating a new user with a fake email address, I don't seem to understand that part.

Again, the problem (as far as the recipient) only seems to affect one particular user. I do not have any other recipients with this problem (that I know of).

Meaning, if an email is sent to the problem recipient, it may or may not generate a message to the sender. But if an email is sent to any other recipient in the GAL, I do not get this message. It only seems to affect this one user.

I really don't know whether or not this makes a difference, but this user also uses a Blackberry device. We have a BB server.
mperez1216Author Commented:
Additional bit of info and I hope it helps.

I went to the user where the email message came back and went into the Sent Items and opened the message.

When I double-click on the name to the right of To:, I DO NOT SEE anything listed under First and Last Names nor anything in the Alias (this is found under the General tab). The Display information is displayed as something that I am not accustomed to seeing on an internal email.


I don't if the username is the actual username or if it the alias. One thing, through. The alias is all lower case where on this statement, the first letter is upper case.
mperez1216Author Commented:
I know that this is late in asking for a refund, but we have just completed replacing our NT boxes with W2K3 boxes, running Exch2003. This issue is now a dead issue since the players have changed.

Does moderator agree?
mperez1216Author Commented:
Points granted, but no solution offered since the players of the game have change (Exchange 5.5 on NT box now Exchange 2003 on 2003 Server).


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