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Access Violation.

' Ho Hum '  knew it was too good to be true...  I realise this is not a new issue,  but I wonder if someone would be kind enough to help.    Just a couple of days ago I started to get a window opening up at random,  accompanied by it would seem,  a hurricane.  I am running ' spyware doctor ',  and it is always this program at the head of the window.  The text informs me :  Access Violation at 40006ABB in module RTL 70. BPL Read of address 807F8000.  The first part of this message is always the same,  the only fluctuation is in the final number,  which has been 88086000 & 8139D000.  If I hit the button the thing dissapears,  but may re appear when I click on the next page,  or quite often it appears just going to a different page in my MSN group.  Is this a nasty that has entered my PC ?  How do I get rid of it ?
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After reading some reviews of SpyWare Doctor I get the impression that it may be a case of the cure is worse than the illness. Suggest you uninstall it in the add/remove programs.
If the above solves the problem here are some other programs that I use on a monthly basis

Spybot Search and Destroy

In keeping with the comment by MrBillisme, here's one page that describes your symptoms:


"Spyware Doctor
Access Violation at Address 40006ABB in Module RTL70.BPL. Read of address 86760000"

This has happen 5 or 6 times today. Each time the "Read of address" is different.
I can have more IE windows open at the time, and they seem to continue functioning fine.  The only way I can get rid of the locked up IE window is to ctrl/alt/del it, but this of course shuts the remaining IE windows. VERY frustrating.
I'm running Win 98SE, IE 6.0.2800, and Spyware Doc

Notice that their "Tech Support" doesn't return to provide a resolution.

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sallen15Author Commented:
I uninstalled Spyware Doctor as suggested,  so far today no problems, ( frantically searches for piece of wood. )   After reading your comment BillisMe,  I had a look at comments concerning Spyware Doctor, I found this particularly amusing :      
 " Poor real-time blocking. Confusing configuration. Sometimes identified itself as a suspect program. "  Can be found at. www.pcmag.com/article2/0,1759,1645384,00.asp

If I don't encounter a recurrence by tomorrow,  then I think the 125 must be yours.......
I also notice this in the full review (http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,1759,1645388,00.asp):

"The real-time scanning also placed significant demands on the system.  When we tried setting its detection interval to the shortest possible value (5 seconds), it began consuming almost all of our CPU cycles and slowed the machine to a crawl".
I was going to suggest that, before you uninstall it, it might be a good idea to copy any of the program's help files (*.chm or *.htm) to another folder as a future standalone reference.  The good point revealed in the review was that it provides a lot of useful and informative detail about the things that it finds.  I haven't had it installed, so I don't know how it stores all the information that it shows, but often programs like this use text-based files that might have been useful.
Thank you, LeeTutor and modulo
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