I have been quoted that: -

"Dreamweaver is in my opinion the best windows tools that I have used in the generation of an online interactive website, when dealing with PHP and MYSQL"

As i have been asked to design using PHP and MYSQL i have started using dreamweaver but what are the advantages over frontpage or even using notepad.
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Saqib KhanConnect With a Mentor Senior DeveloperCommented:
> using notepad.
BINGO! thats your best bet, if you can programme in Notepad then you are a Man, Notepad will not give you any user friendly Wizards SO you have to know what you are doing.

 > FrontPage
Microsoft build this Nice Tool for web designing as well, works with database system as well, You can do pretty much same stuff with front page like Dreamweaver but different ways to handle different Wizards

 > DreamWeaver
No doubt its the best "EDITOR", now notie i called it a Editior. if you are new to development and you are thinking about using Dreamweaver then "Stop", it will stop you from learning new things/Techniques. You have to count on DW to do everything for you, but there are so many things that can not be done without hand coding.

So The End Result is Sure you can use these Editiors for coding , they can help you code (ike different colors and nice envirnoment, Syntax help) BUT do not use Wizards, try to hand code as much as you can.
I am not sure that FrontPage has PHP / MySQL data sources or syntax highlighting.

Dreamweaver works pretty well for syntax highlighting and basic database functions, but you still have to hand code many operations.

For awesome PHP / MySQL integration, use Zend Studio:

I find that Dreamweaver meets my needs, but I don't use the built in database integration. I find it better to code this stuff myself.

You cannot code seriously with Notepad. To work at any decent pace, you really need syntax highlighting to save you time. Any application that doesn't offer this will slow you down in my opinion.
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