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Hi All,

I wanted to know if there is any solution to the way for debugging the way we have everything set up. We are about 10 members in a team. Everyone does a Remote Desktop connection to the server which hosts the website. The .Net C# web applicaition project consists of various functionalities of our website. Everyone open the solution and works on his/her module. (thru remote desktop). So every compilation done by the team members generate the same file at same location. The website runs if successful.

The problem is if someone decides to debug, other members
1) cannot debug as it says "Debugger is already attached" . This is bcos it is the same machine which is the server. Is there any option of multiple users doing debug on the same solution on the machine and working in his independant space.
2) Also if anyone is debugging, and other members go to the website by directly calling in the browser, the website runs really slow. This might be due to the debug instance which is being executed.

Is there any way to solve the above problems. We cannot copy the project on our machines as there are lot many server dlls used by the project which are available only on the server machine.

Are there any settings on the development environment to make it debug for multi use simultaneously?
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RomanPetrenkoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is no way no start multiple debugging sessions on single instance of IIS.

I hope you can do following:
Map your local IIS home directories to remote (main) one. but start the IIS in debugger locally.

If it will not work the only way to do what you need - download all required souces/dlls locally (if you are not going to buy 10 servers %) )
the solution is to use source safe (or any other souce version control application )
so the idea is: every peace of code is on the source safe server. when somebody wants to work on some module he/she gets a local copy of the project opens the files to be modified (this is called check out) then when everything works fine checks in the modified source back to the server. this way every one can modify the source without affecting the entire team and each can debug his/her local copy of the project since all is executed locally

Pankaj27Author Commented:

The question is not dealing with version control. We are using sourcesafe.

The problem is about multiple user debugging on the same machine on the same solution. Is that possible.?
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Pankaj27Author Commented:
Anyone Please......
Pankaj27Author Commented:

How do i start the IIS in debugger locally? Is there any setting on the IIS i need to do?

in VS Menu Tools->Debug Processes and select IIS process and push Attach button.
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