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Regular Expressions

hi, I'm trying to set up a regex pattern to detect occurrences of
           /* ...any number of characters including CR & LF encased like this.... */
in a string.

I'm using the code below, expecting the FOR loop to return
           /* my first comment */
first time around, and
           /* my second one */
the next time around. Instead, what I get is
           /* my first comment */ and this is /* my second one */
what am I doing wrong?
Is there another way of doing what I need to do?

here is the code I'm using...

Dim re As New RegExp
Dim t As String
Dim thisMatch As Match
Dim mtchs As MatchCollection

t = "This is /* my first comment */ and this is /* my second one */ and this is the rest"
re.Pattern = "/\*.*\*/"
re.Global = True
re.MultiLine = True
Set mtchs = re.Execute(t)
For Each m In mtchs
   Set thisMatch = m
   MsgBox thisMatch.value
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1 Solution

Another way of doing this would be to add a line feed after the */, and ending the pattern with a newline, like:
  t = Replace(t, "*/", "*/" & Chr(10))
  re.Pattern = "/\*.*\*/\n"

then just reverse the replace you did earlier when checking the value:
   MsgBox Replace(thisMatch.Value, "*/" & Chr(10), "*/")

Another way would be to still use the replace above, but then change the pattern to:
  re.Pattern = "(/\*.*\*/)\n"

Then just return the first submatch, like:
   MsgBox thisMatch.SubMatches(0)

How about:-

re.Pattern = "/\*.*?\*/"

That makes the internal of the expression non-greedy

Good point, Anthony, I always forget about that!
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faridsalamehAuthor Commented:
Anthony, this is perfect..thanks for your help. seems I need to better understand the subtleties of greedy and non-greedy operators.

Thanks also to Matt for the suggestion but Anthony's suggestion fits best.
faridsalamehAuthor Commented:
Just one final point on this...how can I make it detect cases where there are CR & LF characters in the text?  For example:

/* this is line 1
and this is line 2 */

The dot implies all characters except line terminators, so the solution suggested by Anthony works fine as long as the /* and */ are on the same line.  Is there a way of indicating all characters, including CR & LF?

If you change your pattern to    "/\*(.|\n)*?\*/"    that should take care of that issue for you (and the linefeed will be part of your match, as it is in the text)
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