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Hi guys,

I wonder if there is a way to use a richedit component in a two column format. I mean, I want to write a text in a richedit component but I want it formatted in two columns fashion. Is there a simple way to do that or I have to write a complete formatting procedure?

best regards
Manuel Lopez (lopem)
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ezraaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'm almost positive that the richedit component doesn't support 2 colums. You can try using 2 richedits side by side, and when you get to a certain line, you can move the focus to the other richedit. (or use 2*n, in a scroll box dynamicly adding more 'pages' as more text gets typed.)
the easiest way could be using a fixed size font (like Courier)  or tabs(i  dont know if possible) and mimic a 2 column display (not for editing) and predefine column start positions.

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lopemAuthor Commented:
I am not satisfied with the answers given. They don't solve the problem or at least, don't give me a good advice on hot to solve it.

What is the procedure to discrad this question then?

Manuel López (lopem)
The options to close a question are listed in the help;
By doing nothing you have chosen the last option. Therefore it is now in the cleanup process.

But the answer of ezraa saying it is not possible, is a valid answer too - even if it does not solve your problem.
lopemAuthor Commented:
Ok, I see and I understand. Thanks anyway
Manuel Lopez (Lopem)
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