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R6 Local Mailbox replication issue -- not pulling mail


I'm on R5 of Notes, but help support a number of coworkers who have migrated to R6.

My company requires that we use local replicas of our mail databases to ease the server load. One of my coworkers on R6 apparently had her system set up to be using the server replica instead of her local, and got a nasty-gram from the admins telling her to get it right. She went through the steps they told her to go through, and ended up "on" her local replica. It sends mail fine, but it doesn't seem to be receiving mail in the replications.

Now, I've walked her through the settings in her location document (as far as how they match those in R5), and that seems to be OK. But apparently her replicator page is substantially different from how it is in R5, so it's difficult for me to know just what to fiddle with.

This is complicated by the fact that we are both remote employees, me in one state, she in another, neither of us at the main office. So not only can I not see her setup directly, I can't go fiddle on another R6 user's workstation to figure out what the problem is. And, she can't get one of the local IT to walk by and fix it directly. Instead, she has to rely on me or has to call the help desk on the other side of the planet and get answers of questionable correctness. (Our experiences with our help desk have been somewhat sketchy, which is why people usually come to me with their questions, and why I post here instead.)

In R5, from the replicator tab, I can right-click on the database, select options, and see two check boxes that tell Notes to pull and push documents, respectively. When she right-clicks and selects options, she gets a notably more complicated window.

Can anyone direct me to some setting I can suggest she check/change to have her local mailbox pull new mail when replicating?


-- b.r.t.
2 Solutions
Ask her to delete replica copy on server.. so she will get mails to her local replica...

Great, so they are easing the server load but laoding up the network instead, and making e-Mail less responsive.  Pennywise and...

You might try getting VNC and remoting into her machine.  You can even build a version of UltraVNC that requires no installation, and when the user clicks, it will automatically connect to your machine.

The old settings you are used to are are still there, along with others.  WHat I sugegst you do instead is force a manual replication (right lcik, replicate selected database), and have her watch the replication progress.  You shoudl also have a look at her replication logs -- open log.nsf on her machine, Replication Events.

If it is hosed, you can try clearing replication history.  If it is REALLY hosed, you can pull a new replica.
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
I'd NEVER delete the replica on the server...

The replicator page isn't that different from R5, from a functionality point of view. Right-click on the line with the mail database (it's the same as File/Replication/Settings), and see if on the Basics tab...
- Scheduling is enabled
- both Send and Receive are enabled, with Full Documents,
- the right server is selected as Preferred server,
on the Space Savers tab...
- not a subset of documents is to be received,
on the Other tab...
- Replication is not disabled,
- and the date/time mentioned at "Only replication...after" is about 3-4 months ago
and finally, on the Advanced tab...
- there is no Selective replication configured.

Replication problems may also arise due to differences in date/time on the client and the server or differences in the ACL when Consistent ACL is enabled. Start with the forced replication, and look at the server's log afterwards if you're allowed to open the log.nsf db.

Right click on the local replica database --> database --> replace design. It will ask for parent mail server. Select the mail server. You will get a pop up menu of the template server. Select template as inotes web access R6.0. Click on OK.

I hope that this might resolve your problem

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