Adding wireless to wired network

Currently I have a wired network via a D-Link DI-604.  Two computers and an X-box share my DSL connection.  I would like to connect a third computer in my garage, but I would like to try the wireless route. I want to keep my existing wired network, just add wireless.  During my research I have found a few questions that I need a little help on.
1. A wireless access point is all I need?
2. Does said AP need to be able to disable LAN DHCP?
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rindiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Just make sure the AP is able to cover your garage. I guess the AP will be in your house somewhere? The range of such APs often isn't really good, mainly if there are walls in between. The best connection you get is if the devices are in sight of each other. You would have to put the AP close to a window which can see the garage. If you can I'd suggest you borrow some wireless equipment and try that before you buy it.
Big5250Connect With a Mentor Commented:
1.) Yes, a AP is all you would need.  You can find them cheap at Best Buy or Circuit City, or online if you wish.
2.) No, you can use static or DHCP through the AP.
moorefunConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, all you would need is the wireless access point.

Use the router to hand out dhcp addresses.  Disable dhcp on the wireless access point
missionAuthor Commented:
As far as APs go, would the D-Link model work (DWL-G700AP)?  What devices would be better suited for my application if I did not go the AP method?
Distance may be an issue later.  I can set the AP near a window that has line of sight to the garage, but what would I need if I wanted to increase the range beyond the garage?  Some sort of repeater?  
You can use further APs as repeaters. Also, even if you have line of sight to the garage, there might be a problem if the garage is built of metal. On the other hand, if you do have line of sight and the sender is located high up, you can get quite a good range.
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