unloading backup exec

Hello I have becup exec running on a novell 6.5 server, and there is a hung job. I have tried unloading it, but it does not unload. I have tried bestop, and it returns saying that it could not unload besrvr. I have unloaded tsands, what shoudl I try next?
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PsiCopConnect With a Mentor Commented:
At this point, probably a reboot. Sounds like its stuck, and unloading TSANDS didn't help. If you loaded BE into its own address space (not sure if it allows that), then you may be able to just kill that address space. But I think you're going to have to reboot.
eberhardt2329Author Commented:
i was afraid of that. I will try that when I get teh go ahead, and post back. Thank you psicop
eberhardt, you know better - it's not a "novell 6.5" server - it's a "NetWare 6.5" server.  Novell is a company, not a product.

As to the Question, yeah, that's common between both ARCserve and BE - they have an annoying habit of not unloading cleanly.

What version of BE is it?

Do you also have the OFO (open file option) running?  It sometimes makes a difference which one gets unloaded first.

Does it say WHY it can't unload BESRVR?  Just curious.

BTW - TSANDS is the TSA for backing up/restoring the eDirectory database.  The one for filesystem backup/restore is TSAFS.
If you look in the \BKUPEXEC\ folder, there should be a file named BESTOP.FAX. Open it with a text editor, and it will show you which module didn't unload properly when you ran BESTOP. Not that there's much you can do about it after the fact, but it might help for next time...
Make sure you apply the most recent patches for your version of BE.

For what it's worth, Backup Exec does not like being in its own address space, so I would not recommend trying that.  
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